Lava Lamps

by Tim Lucic

There’s one important factor when choosing a new lava lamp, value. I’ve bought my share of cheap lava lamps over the years, and it always becomes such a hassle for something that is supposed to bring relaxation. The metal overheats, becoming a dangerous threat to children and sometimes warping the base over time. The bulbs die out quickly, meaning you have to go out and buy more, which ends up costing much more after a while. Low quality lava mixes with the liquid and becomes cloudy over time, ruining your lava lamp and wasting your money. Thus, you could buy a cheap one from some random store, but it will end up costing you more money, stress and time. As you can tell, a poorly made lava lamp can become quite a headache, whereas a good quality lava lamp will add peacefulness and mood to your life for many years to come, without the stress. The base is made of quality material and constructed to properly distribute heat. The bulbs are energy efficient and last longer, saving you money and effort. Finally, the lava mix is made of higher quality materials that are specifically made for optimum performance, ensuring the liquid remains clear. You may be thinking to yourself, “I just want to buy a lava lamp”. Then you don’t have to worry, as I have collected a lot of lava lamps over the years and have found the best based on value of quality, cost, and convenience. I’ve bought and tested all the lava lamps below and recommend them, thus you can simply select one you like worry-free. All are through Amazon, a reputable and trusted retailer, who has a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can test the lamps yourself.

250 ounce – Large Grande Lava Lamp

The Grande is the “big daddy” of all lava lamps. It takes the classic lava lamp line of the 60’s and hulks it up to 250 ounces and 27” tall. There’s a size chart at the bottom for comparison.

black grande lava lampBlack and Clear Grande Lava Lamp

One of my favourite lava lamps. It has slow moving lava that is more soothing than most. The black on clear gives it a simplistic, classy look. Select Black/Clear under Color.

I want lava lamps

Yellow and Purple Grande Lava LampYellow and Purple Grande Lava Lamp

The yellow and purple in this lava lamp is a very soothing combination that sets a relaxed, retro mood. I’ve had nothing but a good experience with this one.Select Yellow/Purple under Color.

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Yellow and Blue Grande Lava LampYellow and Blue Grande Lava Lamp

I really enjoy this one. It makes the perfect addition to a living room or a children’s room. Select Yellow/Blue under Color.

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Purple and Pink Grande Lava LampPink and Purple Grande Lava Lamp

I love the way the pink contrasts with the purple in this one. This is perfect for a girl’s room. Select Pink/Purple under Color.

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52 ounce – Aristocrat Lava Lamp

The Aristocrat is the size of the original lava lamp, though the 20 oz has grown more popular. This lamp comes in a brushed steel finish or slick black, and is considerably larger than the typical style. Stands 16″ tall with a 6 5/8″ diameter.

Black 52oz Lava LampBlack 52oz Lava Lamp

I really like these black ones. Very simplistic. This is a great 52 oz model. Great quality. Good brand. I highly reccommend this one.Select Black/Clear under Color.

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Yellow and Purple 52oz Lava LampYellow and Purple 52oz Lava Lamp

The purple liquid gives this one a bit more of a darker look than most lava lamps. Good quality with a unique look. Select Yellow/Purple under Color.

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Red and Clear 52oz Lava LampRed and Clear 52oz Lava Lamp

This lava lamp is my nephew’s favourite. It sits on his desk and keeps the mood light and playful while he works. Select Red/Clear under color.

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White and Blue 52oz Lava LampWhite and Blue 52oz Lava Lamp

To me, this one feels like the counterpart to the black one. Put them next to each other for a nice contrast. Select White/Blue under Color.

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20 ounce – Standard Lava Lamp

These 20 ounce Lava Lamps are the new standard size of lava lamps. They are a great size for a child’s room. 14 1/2″ tall, 4″ diameter.

Yellow and Blue Lava LampYellow and Blue Lava Lamp

As you can see in the picture, the blue liquid makes the yellow lava appear green. This makes for a cool effect as the lava approaches the edge of the glass.

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lava lampsYellow and Purple Lava Lamp

I’ve had this one for a while now. I like the contrast of the yellow and purple. I’ve never had a problem with this lava lamp.

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White and Pink Lava LampWhite and Pink Lava Lamp

I think this is a really strange color combination. This one didn’t match my home so I gave this one to my niece. She loves it and has it on often.

I want lava lamps

White and Orange Lava LampWhite and Orange Lava Lamp

Like the last one, this is a strange color combination. I had this one a while back but sold it because it just wasn’t for me.

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8 ounce – Mini Lava Lamp

These Mini Lava Lamps are a rather new style that become vastly popular for their style and efficenty. These cuties are proportioned exactly like the originals! 10 1/2″ tall, 2.6″ diameter.

Black Mini Lava LampBlack and Clear Mini Lava Lamp

This one is really nice if you like the black like I do but want to stick to a smaller variety of lava lamps. I want lava lamps

Yellow and Purple Mini Lava LampYellow and Purple Mini Lava Lamp I think that to appreciate these colors, you need one of the bigger lava lamps. However, this one still looks nice. I like to line up the different sizes of this color. I want lava lamps White and Pink Mini Lava LampWhite and Pink Mini Lava Lamp This is still a strange color combination for me. It does look nice though, especially for a young girl. I want lava lamps Blue and White Mini Lava LampWhite and Blue Mini Lava Lamp

I love these colors together. It’s one of the most soothing lava lamps I own, but it’s not as nice as the 52 oz version, as the lava moves quicker.

I want lava lamps

Size Comparison Chart

Obviously Lava Lamps come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. To help put things into perspective, here is a simple size chart to help when choosing the right Lava Lamp.

8oz Mini Lava Lamp8 oz and 10” 20oz Lava Lamp20 oz and 14.5” 52oz Aristocrat Lava Lamp52 oz and 16.3” 250oz Grande Lava Lamp250 oz and 27”

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mark materio October 26, 2011 at 12:44 pm

i got the 250 oz i am trying to find a 4 foot model can you help me out thank you

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