Glitter Lamps

by Tim Lucic

There’s one important factor when choosing a new glitter lamp, value. I’ve bought my share of cheap glitter lamps over the years, and it always becomes such a hassle for something that is supposed to bring relaxation. The metal overheats, becoming a dangerous threat to children and sometimes warping the base over time. The bulbs die out quickly, meaning you have to go out and buy more, which ends up costing much more after a while. Cheap motorized models can often be loud and sometimes the motor will stop working with time. Thus, you could buy a cheap one from some random store, but it will end up costing you more money, stress and time.

As you can tell, a poorly made glitter lamp can become quite a headache, whereas a good quality glitter lamp will add peacefulness and mood to your life for many years to come, without the stress. On the recent models, instead of a high powered bulb to heat and move the liquid, they use a motorized impeller and energy efficient LEDs to light it — using less energy, without the heat, and no need for replacement bulbs. Thus saving you money and being child safe. They are properly constructed so they are silent and will continue to work for years. Higher quality glitter is also used, which is more reflective and creates a more vividly mystifying environment.

You may be thinking to yourself, “I just want to buy a glitter lamp”. Then you don’t have to worry, as I have collected a lot of glitter lamps over the years and have found the best based on value of quality, cost, and convenience. I’ve bought and tested all the glitter lamps below and recommend them, thus you can simply select one you like worry-free. All are through Amazon, a reputable and trusted retailer, who has a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can test the lamps yourself.

20 ounce – Standard Glitter Lamp

These 20 ounce Glitter Lamps are the new standard size of glitter lamps. They are a great size for a child’s room. 14.5″ tall, 4″ diameter.

Blue Glitter LampBlue Glitter Lamp

One of the best deals on this page, great quality from a trusted brand, at a great price. Great for a boys room.

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Pink Glitter LampPink Glitter Lamp

Same thoughts as the last one, same model only in pink. Great 20oz for a girls room or just about anywhere else.

I want lava lamps

52oz Purple Glitter Lamp52oz Purple Glitter Lamp

Only 52oz model I’ve bought. Love the colors of this one, purple and the light turns the bottom half into a plum color, with a metalic black base.

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20 ounce – Groovy Glitter Lamp

These are a groovy unique glitter lamp style that is quite new and exciting. They are quickly becoming the new standard for child safe glitter lamps. Stands 16″ tall with a 2.5″ diameter.

Blue Groovy Glitter LampBlue Groovy Glitter Lamp

Unique shape and design that is great for children. Really like the structure, it looks a little cheap in the picture but when you actually see the thing it’s very well made.

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Pink Groovy Glitter LampPurple Groovy Glitter amp

Purple model of the previous, it’s a plum color but with the light it turns into a bright pink color and fades to plum at the top. Love the gradient.

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Green Groovy Lava LampGreen Groovy Glitter Lamp

I prefer the previous two personally. Bright green might be a little more difficult to “flow” in a room’s style. But if you like the color, go for it.

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Pink Crayon Glitter LampPink Crayon Glitter Lamp

Crayon shaped glitter lamp, I got this for my niece and she loves it. She says she uses it as a night light. It doesn’t get hot, so it’s safe for children.

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8 ounce – Mini Glitter Lamp

These Mini Glitter Lamps are a rather new style that become vastly popular for their style and efficenty. These are proportioned exactly like the originals. 10.5″ tall, 2.6″ diameter.

Green Mini Glitter LampColor Changing Mini Glitter Lamp

Fantastic little glitter lamp. It changes colors between red, blue, and green. Very energy efficient and solid quality. Heat safe, so great for children.

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Red Mini Glitter LampRed Mini Glitter Lamp

Same things could be said for this one, though it doesn’t change colors. If you prefer a static red glitter lamp then I would definitely reccomend it, love the deep red color.

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Color Changing Mini Glitter LampColor Changing Mini Glitter Lamp

I found the first color changing lamp to be better in quality than this one. Nonetheless, this is still a fine choice if you prefer the shape.

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Pastel Blue Glitter Night LightPastel Blue Glitter Night Light

A small light blue night light that is fantastic for a child’s room or to just light a hallway. Not too bright, but allows enough light to be useful.

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Yellow and Purple Mini Lava LampBlue Glitter Night Light

Deeper blue than the first, just as useful. I have one in my hallway, more power efficient with the LEDs than keeping a lamp on all night.

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USB Glitter Lamps

The USB Glitter Lamps are a new model and have rapidly grown popular. Simply plug it into your computer and you have a little desktop glitter lamp.

Silver Mini Glitter LampSilver USB Mini Glitter Lamp

Don’t care much for the design, seems a little flimsy and prefer the others over this one. Nonetheless, it’s still a fine choice.

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Blue USB Mini Glitter LampBlue USB Mini Glitter Lamp

I like this one a lot, more sturdy quality design than the former. With their small size the sturdiness matters a lot, as they can fall over with little force.

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Rocket USB Mini Glitter LampRocket USB Mini Glitter Lamp

My favorite out of my USB collection. The rocket design makes it very sturdy so it doesn’t fall over like some others I’ve had. It’s a very high quality lamp.

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Rocket USB Mini Glitter LampOffice USB Mini Glitter Lamp

Very similar to the last one. Rocket design is great for the office, as it won’t fall over if things get moved around a lot. Can be used to bring life to your desk.

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Color Changing USB Glitter LampColor Changing USB Glitter Lamp

Great choice for those that want a changing atmosphere. Changes from green, to blue, red and then purple.

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Assorted Glitter Lamps

A random assortment of household items that use glitter lamps. I’ll be adding to these as I find more useful items.

Silver Mini Glitter LampGlitter Table Lamp

Very nice table lamp that I’ve had in the bar room. Gives off a nice amount of light and gives some life to the room. Creates a very comfortable mood.

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Yellow and Purple Mini Lava LampMetal Task Glitter Lamp

Great desk lamp, I got one for my nephew and he uses it on his desk and likes it a lot. Kills two birds with one stone if you are in need of a desk light.

I want lava lamps

White and Pink Mini Lava Lamp17Inch Glitter Lamp CD Rack

Had one of these years ago, sold it a while back when I got rid of my CD collection and went all digital. If you have a CD collection this is a great piece.

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Size Comparison Chart

Obviously Glitter Lamps come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. To help put things into perspective, here is a simple size chart to help when choosing the right Glitter Lamp.

8oz Mini Lava Lamp8 oz and 10” 20oz Lava Lamp20 oz and 14.5” 52oz Aristocrat Lava Lamp52 oz and 16.3” 250oz Grande Lava Lamp250 oz and 27”

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